Full name

Simon Duijs




Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Limited edition giclée prints for sale. Please contact me for more information.


I'm an autodidact and I make autonomous work. As a photographer I'm interested in people and the depiction of intimacy.

At the end of 2019 I exhibited my series ‘Wild is the wind’ in a chapel in Ubbergen. For this ongoing series, I photograph Dance Academy students, from up-close, who improvise in natural surroundings.

As a volunteer for Stichting Still, I portray terminally ill and deceased children with their parents.

2021 TBA (Group), St. Augustinusklooster, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
w/ Danielle Brans and Petra de Vries
2020 GUP New 2021 (Goup exhibition and book launch), Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2020 De zielenroerselen van de kunstenaar (Group), Rietveldpavilioen, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Joint work w/ Van Lieshout VI
2020 60+1 (Group), POPOP art, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2020 Imperfectie (Group), Buitenkunst, Randmeer, The Netherlands
2019 Onzichtbaar verlangen (Group), Kunstkapel Notre Dame Des Arts, Ubbergen, The Netherlands
w/ Minno Baardmans and Mark Kuster
2019 Het lichaam als beeldelement (Group), Buitenkunst, Randmeer, The Netherlands
2019 De warme salon (Group), POPOP art, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2020 Publication in GUP New 2021 , GUP Magazine/X-Publishers
New is a book, a catalogue, a style-guide featuring the best 100 emerging Dutch photographers annually