Simon Duijs

I’m a Dutch fine art photographer interested in people and the notion of intimacy. As an ongoing series, I photograph the improvised moments of dance academy students. What’s more, I also work as a volunteer for Stichting Still, photographing terminally ill and still born children with their parents.


2022 Book signing at Unseen, Westergas, Amsterdam

2022 Femme et Fatale, Galerie Joseph Le Palais, Paris (FR)

2021 Digital exhibition at Indian Photo Festival, State Art Gallery, Hyderabad (IN)

2021 Art/design fair NYMA Makersmarkt, Honigcomplex, Nijmegen

2021 Fresh Eyes, Keilepand, Rotterdam

2021 New Eyes, Museo Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milan (IT)

2021 Photo fair Buy my Darlings, NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam

2020 GUP New, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam

2020 60+1, POPOP art, Nijmegen

2019 Onzichtbaar verlangen, Kunstkapel NDDA, Ubbergen

2019 De warme salon, POPOP art, Nijmegen


2022 Online exhibition at Discarded Magazine Stories

2021 Wild is the wind, St. Augustinusklooster, Nijmegen


2022 Wild is the wind, Lecturis

2022 Discarded XXX Issue 1, Discarded Paper

2022 Lentse Lucht 2, Lentse Lucht

2021 Wie dit leest is kunst!, The Living Museum Tilburg

2021 Fresh Eyes 2021, X-Publishers

2021 Het Parool, DPG Media

2021 Papel #1, Self-published

2020 GUP New 2021, X-Publishers


2021 Coaching by Martijn van de Griendt

2021 Geloof niet wat je ziet by Tessa Posthuma de Boer

2021 Collodion wet plate photography by Sevilay Maria van Dorst

2020 Imperfectie by Tessa Posthuma de Boer

2019 Het lichaam als beeldelement by Marthe van de Grift

2018 Coaching by Barry van der Rijt


2021 to present Member of DuPho, professional body for photographers

2020 to present Collaboration with mixed media artist Van Lieshout VI

2019 to present Voluntary work at Stichting Still